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, C ] D, LL3, LL2 Note 1: ST scale was used in 1954, in 1955 it was labeled SRT Note laminated mahogony and celluloid edges, making this one of the most attractive and warm-feeling slide rules made by K&E.Pickett gallery As a teenager Bud had read Robert A.1900 Front Scale: A [ B, C ] D Back Scale: A [ BI, CI ] D Note: The serial number on this K&E N4035 with the improved glass indicator (cursor) predates the offering of that indicator. I chose the cheaper (very important to a married 18 year old) rule and never regretted it despite the dire predictions from some faculty about dimensional stability and durability." Among John's awards were the 1988 Inventor Award by Semiconductor Research Corp., the 1988 Semiconductor International Technology Achievement Award and the 1991 Arizona Innovator of the Year. Front Scale 10in // A [ B, , C ] D, K 20cm Back Scale: [ S, L, T ] Back: Equivalents (conversion factors) Note: Medaillis d'Or 1878 et 1889 - This means a gold medal for excellence K&E 1744 - Wm. In 1983 became a Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at University of Arizona. In addition, she had her own collection that she loaned out to students. Norma writes: "After teaching math and/or science for 24 years, I am now enjoying retired life. by Keuffel & Esser Co., New York Front Scale A [ B, S, C ] D Back Scale: Note Scales on this side are all red. studied chemical engineering at Carnegie Tech in the 1920's and later mechanical engineering at the University of Buffalo. by Keuffel & Esser Co., New York Patents: Upper stock face RE.20,984;1,930,852;2,168,056;2,170,144; Pat. Cursor: 2,086,502 Front Scale: Note: 6,12 div/deg trig scales used in nautical navigation This slide rule was issued to Reed W.

, C ] D, LL3, LL2 Note 1: SRT scale shows up in 1955, in 1954 it was labeled ST Note asset number etched in left brace P. Cox Patent Note: This was the predecessor to model 4070 Patent US 460930, Issued Oct 6, 1891 Made in Germany for K&E by Dennert & Pape. John specialized in collecting K&E rules, with a strong interest in Pickett. Armour retired Vice President of Engineering for Interlake Steel, in Toledo, Ohio. - No laminate on ruler, Early cursor Front Scale 10in // A [ B, C ] D

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He again used a slide rule to obtain his masters degree in physics from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI. - Note difference in Cursor frame: Bright Metal framed cursor Front Scale A [ B, C ] D Back Scale [ S, L, T ] Previous owner: A loaner from a school's Textbook Department. by Keuffel & Esser Co., New York Patent Markings: Oct.

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