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Always remember that the burden is on your to show to the visa office that you deserve to get the visa because you will surely return to your country of origin.

If this has been helpful, I suggest that you get the Ultimate Visa Interview Kit to help you prepare properly for your interview.

This is not a long period as far as world history is concerned.

The sweaters of new designs are not only warm but also very fashionable to build various stylish looks with more and more creative printings and cuttings.

In order to ensure that it goes off without a hitch, it is important to prepare your parents adequately for the ‘grilling’ they might face – this article will highlight possible questions they might be asked and the best answers for them.

Before proceeding with the interview, it is important to note that it is possible to ask in advance for an interpreter.

If you already have a visa interview appointment, it means that you already have an invitation letter and other documents that you may need to present at the interview.

There are a variety of questions that could be asked depending on the purpose for your visit, the answers you give to previously asked questions, the status of the one inviting you and your country of residence.

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Do you have a visa interview appointment and are wondering what type of questions would be asked? I have listed some sample b1 b2 visa interview questions and answers to aid in your interview preparations.

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