Who is dating kellan lutz

Is Kellan Lutz Finally Engaged To New Girlfriend Brittany Gonzales? He became popular after playing Emmett Cullen character in Twilight Saga.

Find more stuff related to his dating life and all his ex girlfriends or wife. Even since then, he has been stealing the spotlight by bagging lead roles in movies like Tarzan, The Expandables 3 and The Legend of Hercules.

Just like any other celebrity relationship, it too went through various gossips and rumors.

The couple broke up in 2 months as she cheated on him for Jenson Button.

It was only on 13th December 2016 that Kellan openly confessed his love for Brittany Gonzales on Instagram to shock the world as media did not have much clue about it.

He was born in North Dakota, and his full name is Kellan Christopher Lutz and spent his childhood in Arizona and holds a chemical engineering degree.

He opted to follow his passion for acting, and is at the top of his acting career at present. The couple had been dating since 2016, but they kept their relationship confidential and out of media attention to avoid gossips and rumors.

Kellan is already 31, and it is the perfect age to get married and settle down after having gone through a series of girlfriends.

It is a coincidence that Kellan’s ex-girlfriend name is also Brittny with a slightly different spelling.

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Kelly Thiebaud, an American actress, has a short stay in Kellan’s life.

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